Jan 1, 2008


Happy New Year! I was thinking about New Year's resolutions this morning. I was going to write about that and then, looking through Byron Katie’s site I found her response to a question from a reader. This summed up my feelings about New Year's resolutions.

dear katie,
have you realised the self?
love, g

Dearest G,
No one can realize the self. And what self would that be? No one exists or can exist to realize the self without defining the self that it realized, or the self that has realized the “it” that it believes itself to be. The I-know mind that would say, “Yes, I have realized the self” is in that moment stuck in its limitedness yet again.

Look at these statements, angel, look closely, be with them in many ways and then be with them differently again, if it is peace that interests you. The “self” is just one more concept, one more identity the mind would cling to (and that’s okay). What I experience is that I’m free (until I’m not).



I sat with this for a long while. Try it, see what happens.

More later…..




  1. I like your new layout!

    I saw that quote too on her site. She's such a whiz at untying those thought-knots. Have you read her book A Thousand Names for Joy? It's brilliant...

  2. Thank you, Marian. What I love about Katie is the love that I feel when I hear her talk. She's living her work. I haven't read her book. I'll have to get it. I'm reading "Turning your mind into an ally," which you recommended. I'm liking it.